We are very happy to announce that the first full version of AGNES is now available! Skip straight to the system by clicking here

Version description

In this version it is possible to search through all of the PDFs uploaded to the DANS repository from 2017 and before (over 60,000 documents). You can search by specific archaeological concepts, such as artefacts and time periods, but there's also a free text search, allowing you to search for any word. 

Some improvements compared to the previous versions:

  • Map search: you can now draw a square or polygon on a map to search only in that area
  • Map overlays: you can overlay the AHN height map and geomorphological maps in the map search
  • Mapped results: view all your results conveniently pinpointed on the map
  • Filters: quickly narrow down search results by using the filters on the left of your results
  • General bug fixes


We are still working behind the scenes to update and improve the system, and you might run into some issues as the system is still in development. If you do encounter any problems, please email us so we can fix it for you!

One of the main improvements we're working on is the accuracy of the archaeological concept detection. At the moment, this stands at around 60%, we are currently retraining the models to reach accuracies of over 80%. This should increase the efficiency of the concept search.